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Dr. Dennis Schimpf interviews with Rockhouse Style

Many Americans Don’t Like How They Look, But The Quest For Beauty Is More Than Skin-Deep, Surgeon Says

Are you happy with your appearance? If the answer is no, you are hardly alone.

A study conducted at Chapman University and published in the journal Body Image found that about half of women and men were not satisfied with their appearance. Furthermore, overall life satisfaction was strongly linked to the level of confidence one has in their looks.

While many people cite being overweight as their main appearance issue, others are frustrated by general aging. Both have driven the upswing in gym memberships and cosmetic surgeries. Dennis Schimpf, a plastic surgeon, says improving a physical flaw can become a quest to find “inner beauty” – and confidence – as well.

“Many people really aren’t confident in their own skin,” says Schimpf, author of Finding Beauty: Think, See And Feel Beautiful, and founder of Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery (www.sweetgrassplasticsurgery.com). “It’s often because different stages of life have different impacts on our body, our appearance, and how we feel about ourselves.

“The definition of beauty changes over time, but ultimately, you can’t just think it or see it; it also has to be felt. Not everyone needs plastic surgery nor is it going to fix every person’s life. But it can help improve a person’s sense of well-being.”

Schimpf can discuss for your listeners how people can test to see how confident they are with their bodies, why some people seek change for a physical flaw, and why others choose to live with it.

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Dr. Schimpf Interviews with The Mike Brooks Show on KVCU

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Dr. Schimpf Talks to Frankie Boyer about ‘Finding Beauty’ on Biz Talk Radio

Are You Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin?

“Many Americans Don’t Like How They Look, But The Quest For Beauty Is More Than Skin-Deep,” Surgeon Says.

Listen to the interview:


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