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Restylane® in Charleston County, SC

Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery is pleased to provide age-defying Restylane® treatments to the residents of Charleston, Summerville, and the surrounding South Carolina communities.

What is Restylane®?

Restylane® is a family of advanced wrinkle fillers containing hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural element that is already found in the body. The HA acts as a binding agent that attaches to water molecules in the skin to produce added hydration. This abundance of water keeps the skin from becoming weak and thin, the two culprits that are the underlying cause of the most common signs of aging, such as crow’s feet, frown lines and fine lines that form at the corners of the mouth. *When Restylane® is injected into the deepest layers of the skin, the added moisture creates a healthier, younger looking appearance. *Not only does Restylane® reduce wrinkles, but it can also be injected into the lips and cheeks to add plumpness and volume.

Benefits of Restylane®

For men and women who want to look younger, have smoother skin and look and feel more refreshed, Restylane®, a gel form of hyaluronic acid, works with the natural components of your skin to even out fine lines and wrinkles. If you are looking for a non-surgical approach to anti-aging treatments, dermal fillers offer several benefits, including minimal recovery time, long lasting results and a safe and easy procedure. Restylane® is made from a natural element in the body, so allergic reactions are rare, and your body will gradually absorb the HA without causing any medical issues. Additional benefits of Restylane® include:

  • *Restylane® revitalizes the skin, increasing the skin’s natural elasticity
  • *The procedure only takes an hour or less and can be done during your lunch hour
  • *Side effects are minimal, with most experiencing only slight swelling and bruising
  • *Recovery time is less than a week
  • *Results can last up to a year

Who is a Candidate for Restylane®?

If you want to have smooth, plump and younger looking skin, Restylane® is for you! Dermal fillers are used for many areas of the face, including, but not limited to:

  • Wrinkles around the eyes, such as crow’s feet
  • Lines that run from your nose to your mouth
  • Fine lines around the edges of the mouth
  • Cheeks that have lost volume
  • Sagging skin around the eyes, chin and jaw

What is the Restylane® Procedure?

During your procedure, the area that is going to be treated will be numbed with a topical ointment to minimize discomfort. After you are numb, the Restylane® will be injected into the skin using an ultra-fine needle. After the injection, we will gently massage the area to evenly distribute the gel. *Once this is complete, you are finished and ready to go back to your normal activities

What is the Cost of Restylane®?

The total cost of your Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery Restylane® treatment runs between $550 and $660. During your consultation, we will develop a personalized treatment plan, and you will be informed of your treatment costs and methods of payment. We are happy to accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards. Financing is also available so that our Restylane® treatments are affordable to all of our patients.
Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery is passionately committed to reflecting your inner beauty. Using the latest and most advanced procedures for Med Spa services and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, our team offers full body plastic surgery and Med Spa treatments, emphasizing overall health and wellness to the residents of Charleston, Summerville, Charleston County and the surrounding communities of South Carolina.