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Dr. Schimpf On the Rising Trend of Cosmetic Procedures Amidst Growing Social Pressures and Digital Influence

In an interview with Healthline, plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Schimpf accredited that lofty percentage to increasing affordability, greater social acceptance and a high-pressure digital environment which causes endless self-scrutiny.

“If you think back even 10 years ago, let alone 25, rarely would you see yourself in pictures,” Schimpf told Healthline. “Maybe a birthday or wedding, usually some type of special event.

“Now, with mobile devices and platforms, we’re literally seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of ourselves documenting things we don’t like about our appearance, as well as the aging process,” Schimpf added.

Although plastic surgery is more widely accepted than it was in previous generations, insecurities about cosmetic procedures and potential mistakes remain prominent in interested parties across the country.


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