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Thigh Lift
in Charleston County, SC

Have you tried numerous exercises to get that perfect thigh gap, but failed? That’s because thigh gaps are achievable often only due to diet, exercise, and genetics. Some women naturally carry more muscle and weight in the upper thigh, or have narrower hips, making the thigh gap nearly impossible to achieve safely at home. A thigh lift can help remove stubborn fat and tissue from the upper thigh to achieve a thigh gap and a more toned appearance. Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery has offices in Charleston and Summerville, South Carolina. We offer procedures for patients who live in the Nexton, Mt Pleasant, Daniel Island, West Ashley and the surrounding South Carolina communities.

Thigh Lift in Charleston County, SC

What Is A Thigh Lift?

The thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens and slims the upper thighs through the removal of excess tissue, skin, and fat. A thigh lift allows the legs to be sculpted and slimmed past the point naturally achieved through healthy diet and exercise. It is through this sculpting that a thigh lift can allow women to achieve the coveted thigh gap.

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost in Charleston County?

The cost of a thigh lift will vary based on the scope of the procedure. Our team will determine your cost based on your individual treatment plan at your consultation. We will go over your payment options, which includes financing through CareCredit®. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards and ask that full payment be made prior to your services.

How is a Thigh Lift Performed?

Based on your current anatomy, your surgeon will carefully place an incision on your upper thigh and use that incision to remove excess fat from the underlying problem area. Once the excess fat is removed, he or she will pull the skin tight around the upper thigh and remove any excess skin before closing the incision. The result is a tight, toned thigh with no dimpling, sagging, or excess fat pockets.

What are the Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift allows women to target a very common problem area for all encompassing results. Unlike other procedures, a thigh lift can correct uneven texture, sagging, and excess fat all at one time. Additionally, a thigh lift allows women to achieve the much-coveted thigh gap. A thigh gap is a desired result from a thigh lift for two reasons: 1. It is currently considered trendy and a symbol of fitness and beauty, and 2. It provides enhanced comfort, especially during athletic activity, by preventing chafing and rashes between the thighs.

Who is a Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

If you have excess fat and skin on your upper thighs and are at a stable, healthy weight, a thigh lift may be right for you. Additionally, if you feel your thighs are of disproportionate size but are happy with the rest of your body, a thigh lift might be right for you. Let our surgical team help you determine if a thigh lift is the most beneficial procedure in helping you achieve your dream body. Schedule a consultation with him today.

Patient Reviews

Lindsey was wonderful - my facial was perfect and relaxing! I love going to Sweetgrass Plastic surgery for my facials. - Barbara J.

Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery is passionately committed to helping you feel your absolute best. Using the latest and most advanced procedures for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, our team offers full body plastic surgery, including a thigh lift, to the residents of Charleston, Summerville, Charleston County and the surrounding communities of South Carolina.