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in Charleston County, SC

Stubborn fat earned its name because of its stubborn resistance to diet and exercise efforts. If you’re tired of fighting the losing battle with stubborn fat, CoolSculpting® may be the perfect solution for you. CoolSculpting® treatments are available from our certified CoolSculpting® staff. Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery has offices in Charleston and Summerville, South Carolina. We offer procedures for patients who live in the Nexton, Mt Pleasant, Daniel Island, West Ashley and the surrounding South Carolina communities.

What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a procedure used to remove fat from particular areas of your body by targeting the fat cells with precisely controlled temperatures, then cooling them until they crystallize and die. Over time, the body processes the dead fat cells naturally, as it does with any dead cells in the body, leaving the area more toned and sculpted.

CoolSculpting in Charleston County, SC

What are the Benefits of CoolSculpting®?

Some of the numerous benefits of CoolSculpting® include:

  • 20-25% destruction of fat cells in the treatment area, per each treatment
  • Relatively short treatment time – up to 35 minutes, depending on the area treated
  • No downtime
  • Little to no discomfort
  • Fat cells are eliminated and never return
  • Non-invasive procedure without incisions or scars

Who is a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting®?

Men and women who want non-invasive fat reduction, particularly in the abdomen, upper arms, inner or outer thighs, or have “love handles” are generally considered good candidates for CoolSculpting®. The best candidate tends to be younger, with a BMI of about 30% or roughly within 30 pounds of their ideal weight. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your options with you and help you determine if CoolSculpting® is the best treatment choice to achieve the results you want.

How is CoolSculpting® Performed?

CoolSculpting® treatments are performed in a private room at our Daniel Island Spa, where you’ll rest comfortably for your treatment. Sometimes we treat two areas of the body at the same time, called dual-sculpting. Following your assessment, we mark the skin, showing proper applicator placement.

A gel pad is applied to the skin in the marked treatment area. The applicator draws in the skin and cools the tissues for 35 minutes. You may experience a tugging sensation and extreme coldness during the treatment, but it should not feel painful. No anesthesia is necessary for CoolSculpting®.

Afterwards, the tissue is massaged for two minutes. There is no downtime needed, and you can return to normal activities right away, including going back to work and resuming exercise.

What Should I Expect Following CoolSculpting®?

You may experience a little soreness for several days up to a couple of weeks following your treatment. There may also be some slight bruising that should also fade during that time.

Approximately 4 weeks following CoolSculpting®, the frozen fat cells will be absorbed by the body, and your initial results will be visible. Full results become completely apparent three to six months after treatment.

Some patients experience numbness or dulled sensation in the treatment area for several weeks, usually resolving on its own within six to eight weeks.

Patient Reviews

I Have been very happy with Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery. I have been there for several different treatments and have always been well informed and felt very comfortable. I recently had Botox injections with Margaret Ann and she is a great injector. I am very happy with the results. The staff is very kind and accommodating. I highly recommend them! - Karen B.

If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to lose stubborn fat and think you might benefit from CoolSculpting®, call us today to schedule a free consultation in our state-of-the-art facility at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery. We proudly offer our services to residents in and around Charleston, Summerville, SC.