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Turkey Gobbler?

The current trend in plastic surgery today is gravitating towards the neck area. Many women are unhappy with how age has affected their neck region, leaving it loose and sagging. Luckily, there are many procedures out there that can improve the appearance of the “turkey gobbler” as they call it. Here are three procedures that Dr. Schimpf would recommend from minimally invasive to surgical:

Neck Lift | Lower Rhytidectomy

A traditional neck lift is a surgical procedure usually done under local anesthesia that takes around two hours to complete. In this procedure, an incision is made starting at the hairline and can extend around the ear to the posterior hairline. Fat in the area is then sculpted or redistributed, neck tissue is repositioned, and the platysma muscle is also tightened. To close the incision, sutures or skin glue is used. Since the incision is so close to the hairline, there is minimal visible scarring. As with any surgical procedure, swelling and bruising are normal and excess blood or fluid may need to be drained. Results can be seen in as little as several weeks! Remember once your incision heals, to use adequate sun protection.

SMILE Necklift ®
Necklift Before and After Pictures Charleston, SC

The SMILE Necklift® differs from a traditional neck lift in that it specifically targets the issues associated with facial aging of the lower face and neck. Since the whole face is not targeted in this procedure, it is less invasive and recovery time is a lot quicker. This procedure is done by taking fat and permanently transferring it to tear troughs, nasolabial folds, or the lips. This is great because it means that you don’t have to undergo repeated injections of very expensive fillers! This procedure is perfect for people who have noticed that their face has a frowning appearance. This is frown-like appearance is due to the downturn of the corners of the lips that comes with aging. The goal of the SMILE Neck Lift® is to resect loose skin, address unwanted fat deposits, and to cause a slight