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Weight Loss in Charleston County, SC

Weight Loss in Charleston, SC*Please note that consultations for our wellness center services are not complimentary. Please call for additional details.

Rock Your Skinny Jeans & Feel Great Again!

With the Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program

The Program designed to address all of the reasons why diets fail and allows you to finally reach your ideal weight.

The Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program:

Optimizes Your Metabolism – Hormone balance is the key to losing weight that nobody talks about.  When your hormones are out of whack your metabolism can slow to a crawl. The Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program includes testing that allows Dr. B to optimize your metabolism so that you create the best environment for weight loss.

Boosts Your Cellular Functioning – to help release those fat stores and mobilize the toxicants that can be released along with your fat stores. This is an important and often overlooked step in weight loss.  Toxicants hold on to fat as a means of protection.   When this happens it can zap your energy and make weight loss frustrating.

Lets You Eat Real Food – You get a simple,  yet incredibly effective food plan based on nutritionally dense, REAL fresh foods (as well as specifically chosen meal replacement).  All the while you will be feeding your cells what they need to release stored fat and give you incredible energy and an uplifted mood.  No super low calorie dieting here.  Ultra-low calorie diets actually cause your ghrelin to increase. Ghrelin is the hormone that makes you ravenous. That’s not helpful for long-term weight loss.  Our goal is to balance ghrelin and leptin (the hormone that regulates satiety)

PS – you can even have chocolate as a snack! the chocolate increases your serotonin level, which makes you feel happy & satiated.

This 8 week Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program includes:

Metabolic Evaluation:

  • Initial 1 hour medical exam with Dr. Bauerschmidt
  • Adrenal, hormone & thyroid testing
  • 40 minute follow up with Dr. Bauerschmidt
  • Monthly In Body BIA (body composition) analysis

Metabolic Reboot:

  • EWOT (24 sessions)
  • Juvent Micro- Impact exercise with oxygen (24 sessions)
  • Infrared Sauna (24 -1/2 hour sessions)
  • Lipo B-12 injections (weekly)
  • Supplements to balance your adiponectin, leptin, and ghrelin, to help control your appetite and increase your satiety as well as fat metabolism
  • Diet