T.R. (Weight Reduction)

“Dr. Schimpf and his staff took such amazing care of me. This was a huge step for me after a long struggle to lose weight and I am so thankful I was led to their practice to get me through this next step. I have felt safe and well cared for by the whole staff and it’s a great feeling to know that they are all so passionate about what they do!”

M.F. & R.F.

“Dr. Schimpf and his wonderful staff all go above and beyond what is necessary.”

E.T. (Abdominoplasty)

“I first met Dr. Schimpf and his staff at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery in March of 2014. I had made an appointment to be evaluated for the removal of an excessive amount of belly fat and tissue hanging around my midsection. I had been evaluated previously several years hence but was put reluctant to face such a surgery. Dr. Schimpf and his assistant, Vicky made me feel very comfortable, listened to my concerns, discussed procedures, and suggested with sounds rationale which procedure would be most effective. I went ahead with the abdominoplasty and have never regretted it. I finally felt ‘right’ in my own body and the healing was easier and less painful than I imagined. My skirt / dress size went form a 14+ to 8-10. My ability to move around was improved and some back pain was relieved. Since then I have had several more procedures including blepharoplasty to remove the bags and circles under my eyes – another outcome that I could not be happier with. I have been introduced to a world of non-invasive procedures to counteract the effects of aging and believe that I have subtracted 10 years from my appearance. “Dr. Schimpf is a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon who gives a great deal of care to his patients both before and after procedures. In addition to being a good surgeon, Dr. Schimpf’s manner is very genuine and approachable. When inquiring about various new procedures, I have never felt pressured or hurried to make a decision. I believe Dr. Schimpf’s manner and abilities are reflected in his staff, all of whom are friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Schimpf and his practice to anyone seeking skilled, effective, and authentic service.”

D.B. (Botox)

“Thank you very much for the BEST experience I’ve ever had with fillers / botox! Y’all have my business from now on!”

E.H. (Weight Reduction)

“I speak so highly of you guys – it is amazing to know that there are still great doctors and medical teams out there. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this final step in my weight loss the easiest.”

S.W. (Breast Augmentation)

“I just hit my 1 year mark on my breast implants and am still totally in love with them! Dr. Schimpf did an amazing job; I still give his name out daily! “


“My husband is very happy with the results and is very complimentary to me and pleased that I found a surgeon like Dr. Schimpf.”

S.J. (Post Weight Loss Surgery)

“I am very satisfied with the mini facelift and panniculetomy that I had done by Dr. Schimpf. I am 69 years old and people think that I am 10 years younger. Psychologically it is really good for you! I am so pleased with Dr. Schimpf’s expertise of making it look so natural when many procedures tend to make you look so artificial. And with my panniculectomy my back stopped hurting! I had gastric bypass and lost 125 pounds so my back had been hurting for 20 years. I was backache free on post-operative day 2! Dr. Schimpf and Vicky were great through the entire process, answering all of my emails and phone calls with any questions I had no matter what they were about. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Schimpf!”

G.I. (Panniculectomy)

“Dr. Schimpf performed an abdominoplasty on me in October of 2012, to remove excess skin from gastric bypass surgery in 2006. I wanted to have the surgery sooner, but could not find a doctor I felt comfortable with. I was referred to Dr. Schimpf by the bariatric team at MUSC, and upon meeting him knew he would be my surgeon! Dr. Schimpf made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process, and had impeccable bedside manner. He had great follow up care, and his office is easy to make appointments with. I have since had another surgery with him and highly recommend him to everyone! Dr. Schimpf is wonderful as a person and exceptional as a surgeon, you won’t find him to have the typical surgeon’s ego.”

D.A. (Breast Reconstruction)

“Thank you again for asking me to write a testimonial for Dr. Schimpf. It is both an honor and a pleasure. In October 2008, I had a bilateral mastectomy. At that time, reconstruction was not even a thought for me. I just wanted to survive surgery and the year of chemotherapy ahead. Four years later, for both physical and psychological reasons, I began to research breast reconstruction. I looked nationwide and read voraciously. Once I read Dr. Schimpf’s biography, my decision was made. After my initial consultation, I was so impressed with his professionalism, his friendly and thoughtful manner, and his compassion for what he does, I had a DIEP surgery date scheduled. It is hard to describe what Dr. Schimpf has done for me. Not only do I have breasts perfectly constructed with my own tissue, I have a surgeon who cares that I am so pleased, a surgeon who spends as much time as I need for an appointment, an expert in his field, a perfectionist. As I told Dr. Schimpf, if I were any happier with my reconstruction, I’d pop! I would recommend Dennis Schimpf to anyone who needed any type of plastic surgery. He is extraordinary!”