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A New Neurotoxin is Here!

7-19 July Newsletter

$750 off

of a surgical procedure*

­   We offer many surgical procedures for the face and body

­   We have 3 board certified  plastic surgeons who are happy to conduct a consultation to discuss your surgical options

Please call 843-471-1135, option 5, for more information!

*Physician’s fee must be greater than or equal to $2,500

** Must come in for consult and/or pay deposit in month of July for promotion to apply


25% off

ALL sunscreens


July Specials

        Book your 3 month Botox follow up at time of treatment, get $25 off of your next treatment

        $750 off of a surgical procedure*

        20% off of eye procedures

        25% off of all sunscreens

*Exclusions apply, see below for more info

Revitalize your Eyes

20% off all eye procedures

­   Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

·        Surgical option that can treat upper and lower eyelids

·        Can be performed with or without anesthesia (to be determined by your surgeon)

·        Minimal downtime

­   Nanofat to under the eyes

·        Minimally invasive proceudre to treat under the eyes

·        Typically performed without anesthesia

·        Uses your own fat and lasts longer than filler

·        Helps improve “hollowing” under the eyes

­   Filler to under the eyes

·        Non-invasive procedure to treat under the eyes

·        Helps improve “hollowing” under the eyes

­   Smartskin to eyes

·        CO2 fraxel laser treatment to treat under the eyes

·        Helps improve tone and texture

·        Can also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Ketamine Infusions

Do you suffer from
Depression, Bipolar Disorder,
PTSD, or Chronic Pain?

Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery now
offers IV Ketamine Infusions
for individuals who
continue to have symptomes after
other unsucessful

Schedule a consult with infusion
specialist Mike Donovan, CRNA